Let us walk on your Behalf this Arbaeen! – Imam Hussein TV your Gateway to Karbala

The walk towards Karbala is the wish of the lovers of Imam Hussain (as) all across the world. But this year many will be unable to be there, be a part of Arbaeen this year by becoming a monthly partner of Imam Hussein Media Group and our staff will walk 25 poles on your behalf or on behalf of your Marhumeen for only £14 ($20) a month.

With your generous support, you can help this channel to continue its vital work in protecting and preserving the message of Imam Al Hussain and the Ahlulbayt (as) and share in that honour.

Become a monthly partner on our website at: www.imamhussein3.tv/donate

Or Message or call us on WhatsApp for other payment methods: +447939 917163

Once you have become a partner please do WhatsApp or email us the names of your Mahumeen on: Donate@imamhussein3.tv or +447939 917163

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