• Live from Karbala

Imam Hussein TV studios are proud to boast that we are located in Karbala. The holiest and most favourable land to Allah (SWT). Over the years we have established relationships that have allowed IHTV access to so many monuments and shrines. Whether it is the harram of Imam Hussein (AS) or Abal fadhil Abbas (AS), the hussiniya or the hawza, a pilgrim or a preacher we at Imam Hussein Tv will bring to you exclusive coverage of what is happening in this holy city LIVE!.

During the holy month of Muharram and Saffar we bring you live footage of Karbala and the arbaeen walk. During Moharram we bring you live coverage of the shrine of Imam Hussein, live lectures, live eulogies and customes of the karbalai people. During Arbaeen we are the only television station that gives you 24 hour access to the mashaya whether the procession is coming from Baghdad, Najaf or as far as Basra we have cameras set up weeks in advance to give you full coverage of the walk to Hussein.

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