“How I wish I was there to be with you (in Karbala) to achieve eternal victory!”                  – Ziyarah al Waritha

With a band of 72 loyal companions and family members, Imam al Hussein (S) changed the course of human history through the supreme sacrifice of Ashura on the plains of Karbala. 1400 years later, the Imam continues to inspire millions of people towards a life of peace, love, justice and dignity.


Ever since the occurrence of Ashura, in every day and age, there are honourable men and women who have selflessly stood up to serve, protect and propagate the message of Ashura. They are the hidden companions of Imam al Hussein (S) who ensure the sacrifice will remain eternal – and for this, The Creator of the universe has elevated their status in this world and the next.


You too can be a part of the grand revolution of Imam al Hussein (S).

Through your contributions to the Imam Hussein Media Group, you can serve the cause of Imam al Hussein (S) in two important ways:

  1. Ensure the message of Imam al Hussein (S) is spread to every corner of this globe in multiple languages hence providing guidance and inspiration to millions of people around the world. Imam Hussein Media Group is the only Shia channel to broadcast worldwide in 5 different languages (Arabic, Farsi, English, Turkish and Urdu)
  2. Protect the values of the revolution of Imam al Hussein (S) from distortion and misrepresentation. The 21st century has seen the power of media in influencing beliefs and values of the masses. Between the lack of appropriate coverage and the distortion of Imam al Hussein`s(s) revolution by mainstream media outlets, Imam Hussein Media Group seeks to propagate and preserve the true teachings and values of Imam al Hussein (S) hence ensuring the preservation of our legacy from one generation to the next.


Imam Hussein Media Group is an independent channel with no political affiliation or funding. The channel is sustained through the generous donations from the lovers of Imam al Hussein (S) like yourselves. You may contribute towards the channel through the following platforms;


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