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Imam Hussein TV: A New Beginning

Following the establishment of Imam Hussein TV in the UK in 2016, we found our home in 2017 in a small ground-floor office space in Colindale. If you ask anyone where Imam Hussein TV is, they instantly say Iraq, Karbala and then in the UK, Colindale, known as “the building next to the Matalan”. Thanks to Dr. Sayed Ammar! We have outgrown this small but lovable space after seven glorious years. This place will be remembered for iconic productions and meetings, including some of your favourites, such as The Shia Voice, Live in London with Sayed Ammar, Ahkam SOS and Morning Barakah. We must now bid farewell to this space and look to a new beginning in a place we can call home for generations to come. All this time, Imam Hussein TV has been renting an office, but we are honoured and proud to announce that we are now actively in the process of buying a space. One that will serve as not just our home in the UK but will allow us to shift gears and kick into new, uncharted levels and quality of production without the worry of rent hanging over our heads and tightening the purse strings upon us. We need more space to not only accommodate more people but to have facilities to enable spiritual growth and professional development, special needs requirements, space for our youths, a studio fit for purpose, green screen rooms, a library, co-working space, and so much more to ensure that we provide all the necessary facilities to make it a holistic Channel home for our ever-growing family

Why We Need to Move

Many will ask, why do we need to move? For the sake of our viewers and the survival of the channel, it is fundamental that we grow and develop consistently. Without a secure and dedicated space to call our own, our progress is severely hampered. Currently, both the channel and its sister charity are constrained to just two cramped rooms, with over 19 staff members overlapping across departments.

It becomes incumbent upon us to secure our future. The channel has always used foresight to provide for the youth and community globally when serving the Ahlulbayt. Despite many opportunities arising, for various reasons, we could not make them work. As they say, it will happen only when Allah (SWT) wills it. At this juncture, the new property in the heart of London presented itself, and we seized the opportunity with the intention (niyyat) that this new space would enable us to better serve the Ahlulbayt and uphold the high standards set by our productions.

The new space, spanning over 5,500 square feet, is the perfect place to establish a permanent home for the next 50 years. Our current office operates on a rolling contract, with rent increases each year we have been here. If we now buy a building and pay it off through donor generosity, the channel will have the opportunity to ramp up and expand production. This will enable us to bring to fruition many amazing new shows which we have had to hold back. We can replicate the aura and grandeur in many more productions.

Securing a larger space is essential not only for accommodating more people but also for providing facilities that enable spiritual growth and professional development. We envision a holistic channel home that includes.

Segregated Offices

Creating a better working environment with segregated offices for each department.

Elimination of Rent Costs

Saving the channel £8,000 / $10,300 per month.

Green Screen Rooms

Enhancing our production capabilities with new green screen rooms.

A Little About the New Space

Our new space is a prominent modern hybrid multi-level facility. Currently, it features five office
spaces on the top floor, all of which are rented out. The first floor has an open office plan that
will become the main home for the charity and the channel. The ground floor, currently a car
wash area, will be transformed into a new studio space that can also serve as a Hussainiyah to
host weekly events for the youth in the area. Additionally, it will include two offices, a control
room, a broadcast and server room, and a storage facility. The building also comprises four
bathrooms and a kitchen space.
The HQ is enclosed in 5,548 square feet, with allocated parking and 2 loading doors and bays,
which will allow us to bring in equipment for major productions with ease. The facility also
includes fitted office spaces. The top floor will continue to be rented to the current tenants,
providing a stream of passive income that will help with maintenance costs.
Our new home is in the heart of London, Park Royal, with direct access from the A40 or A406
and is within walking distance of the Bakerloo Line

We Love To Help Poor

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Our editing suite inspired by Imam Hassan’s attention to the safety and peace of the Shia muslims, serves as a reminder to prioritise spreading the message of the Ahlulbayt peacefully.


Echoing the gatherings of Prophet Muhammad and his companions, our meeting room fosters fruitful discussions to spread the message of Ahlulbayt effectively.


Named after Imam Mahdi, our control room ensures every show runs smoothly, serving in his name to make him proud.


Our studio, named after Imam Zayn al-Abidin and Sayyeda Zaynab, honours their commemoration of Imam Hussein's tragedy.


In homage to Qambar and Lady Fidha, our storage maintains sanctity and holds valuable possessions, akin to their service to the Ahlulbayt. .


The female production room fosters leadership, mirroring Sayyeda Zahra's leadership within the community. .

Ahkam SOS set

Dedicated to spreading fiqh and jurisprudence, this set honours Imam Sadiq's legacy of knowledge.

Research and development

Following Imam Hassan Al Askari's example, our research department lays the groundwork for insightful shows.


This office hosts live majlis dedicated to Imam Hussein's remembrance.


Named after Imam Ridha, our director's office combines humility with effective leadership, guiding the community graciously. .


Drawing inspiration from Imam Jawad's generosity, our fundraising office seeks donations for noble causes.


Following Imam Naqi's principles, our legal and accounts team ensures purity and transparency in our operations.


Echoing the gatherings of Prophet Muhammad and his companions, our meeting room fosters fruitful discussions to spread the message of Ahlulbayt effectively.

What if I Can Not Donate?

We understand that not everyone can make a large donation. In the eyes of the Ahlulbayt, the intention (niyyat) behind your contribution is what matters most. For every penny donated will be a reward in the Akhira, as you are supporting a cause that serves the Ahlulbayt. Your generosity, no matter the amount, helps us continue our mission and brings countless blessings.

Phases of the Property Development Project

Phase 1

£1.8 Million inc VAT ($ million USD)

The first step would be to purchase the property, with the current bid of £2 million. This will secure a property in the name of Imam Hussein Media Group within the UK for the first time.

Phase 2

£145k inc VAT

We would then begin the transition and development of the new studio and office spaces on the ground floor. During this period the team will move to the new building and use it as an office space.

Phase 3

£100k Inc VAT

Finally, we will focus on team expansion, equipment upgrade, networking and server enhancements. Each phase of this project is crucial for ensuring that Imam Hussein Media Group continues to grow, thrive, and effectively serve our community.

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Ask Questions

We have rented offices in London (Colindale) and in the holy city of Karbala (On Shair Qibla)
The new office is in Park Royal, a building with 5,548 square feet
We are currently renting an office space where the rent increases annually. Owning the building would give us more stability and room for growth, as the current space is overcrowded.
100% of your donations go towards the construction of Imam Hussein Media Group. We cover our administrative and overhead costs through private fundraising with a committed team of donors.
Imam Hussein Media Group does not share, sell or exchange our donor’s private information with anyone.
Alhamdulillah Thousands of people have donated to the project from all over the world. We ask Allah to accept their good deeds and to grant them the highest levels of paradise, Ameen!
Having a Sadaqah Jairyah in the name of Imam Hussein is a gift like no other, the beloved of Sayyeda Zahra (as). Anything in his name guarantees her intercession on the day of judgement InshAllah.
At Imam Hussain TV we work 24/7 to provide beneficial content tailored to the youth. We bring speakers who help them in uplifting their spirituality and understanding of the religion.
If you donate towards the construction of the studio space or the purchase of the property, you can expect to receive a comprehensive report upon the completion of the project. Moreover, we will provide you with progress reports at various stages of the construction process. Our dedicated Donor Care team will keep you informed of developments and address any inquiries or concerns you may have along the way.
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