Imam Hussein Media Group was founded in 2009 with the objective of providing an outlet for Shia families to learn and educate themselves on the religious sciences.
Since then the media group has benefited thousands of households and millions of individuals, bringing the teachings of the Qur’an, the holy prophet Mohammed and the Ahlulbayt
(may peace and blessings be upon the prophet and his holy family) to your TV screens.

To protect and defend the true message of the prophet Mohammed (SAWA) and his Ahlul-bayt (PBUT)

In a world of Islamophobia and misrepresentation of Shia Islam, Imam Hussein media group have taken it upon themselves to actively challenge and protect the sacred message of the ahlul-bayt.
We aim to discuss social and theological issues within our own community and also others. We plan to help educate both Muslims and non-Muslim alike on Islamic integration as well as Islamic social and communal responsibilities.
What better way than to discuss, explain and inform the beauty of our religion and it teachings.

Increase the faith of millions of young Shias from around the world

We understand that traditional methods and books of Islam can be a little less appealing to youngsters today.
With the rising challenge of teaching students in this technological enhanced age we live in, Imam Hussein Media Group uses all avenues of media and communications to bring the teachings of Islamic moral, ethics and law. Young people today have many concerns to deal with. Juggling religion with their work/study life is always a concern. Imam Hussein Media aims to provide the correct and appropriate content for young people to continue to develop and address matters concerning to them.

Assisting Muslim parents to raise children to be virtuous young Shias.

Many of us live in Muslims countries and we do not fear the syllabus nor the world view that schools and communities teach. Many in the west however do not have access to Islamic values and morale.
Imam Hussein Media Group assists those families who require an extra hand in raising their children, assuring that they receive the most valuable and comprehensive learning of Islamic sciences.
Childhood maybe a fun time but it is also the most integral and delicate learning period in one’s life. Imam Hussein Media group aims to provide all the answers in simple and effective discussions and programs.

Delivering the message of Islam to billions of non-Muslims who have ever had access to the enriching treasures of the Qur’an and AhlulBayt.

Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth. More and more are reverting to the true message of the holy prophet Mohammed which is ”There is only one true God and Mohammed is his messenger and Ali is his successor” It is vital that there be constant guidance and support for the new members of the Shia community.
Imam Hussein Media group always focuses on the needs of the community and spiritual growth of individuals within them.

To set a high bench mark for shia television broadcasting.

In the last few years Shia television and broadcasting as evolved and improved. Imam Hussein Media group believe in multiple television stations and companies with the goal of spreading the message of the Qur’an and the Ahlulbayt to all corners of the globe.
Imam Hussein Media group believes in strengthening and helping with the  framework of these companies and assisting them to overcome difficulties and obstacles.
Together we would be able to impact the world with a stronger and more penetrating message that would help impact civilization for the better, bringing a more ethical and god conscious influence.

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