Want to serve the Ahlul-bayt?
Looking for a career or experience in media and broadcasting?
Imam Hussein Media group offers many different forms of employment and experience to help you on your career journey.
Are you a Photographer or a Cameraman? Can you write scripts or edit? Interested in a career in Branding and Marketing?
Whatever your plans and ambitions are Imam Hussein Media Group may be able to help with an opportunity for you to benefit here at the channel and in your after life.


Imam Hussein 3 TV is always open to new ideas and developments. We feel it is necessary to support our brothers and sisters in media and film. If you are a film maker or script writer and you feel the channel can benefit with your work, we want to hear from you. Please fill out the attached form and get in touch with us about your idea or developed film and maybe we can work together for Imam Hussein.


What better way to serve Imam Hussein then to volunteer for his cause. Our volunteers and interns are given a detailed experience of how the channel operates. They will learn how to perform research for an upcoming program. How to set up the studio with lighting and also shadow our producers and camera men. If you have some free time that you would like to dedicate it to the channel we’d love to hear from you.


Presenters are required to arrive an hour or two before filming to go over material and to practice certain segments of the show. Normally presenters will be filming for an hour or two, sometimes shooting can be all day.

Camera operator

The camera operators are required to be familiar with cinema, DSL and camcorder cameras, how to apply and change settings for focus, white balance and brightness. Are you handy behind the lens and have an eye for filming? Send us your CV with experience and maybe you’ll be shooting our next documentary


Editors must be familiar with ‘Final Cut Pro’ and some knowledge of ‘Adobe After Effects’. Editors are required to mix different camera shots as well as blend, fade as well as create title sequences and lower thirds. If you fancy having a go at creating a master piece than get in touch with us.

Producer/Script writer and Director

At Imam Hussein 3 TV we allow are script writers to produce and direct their work. The role is intense and require thinking outside the box as swell as being able to understand the topic at hand and deliver great content. If you enjoy creative writing and exploring different subjects within Islam, then this role will definitely suit you.

Personal Relations

Our PR department handles general enquiries and our social media accounts. Thousands of people send us messages, words of engorgement and was to help improve our shows. It is up to our PR department to respond and act as an agent to help direct and improve productions. If you have experience in customer service and can handle a schedule, then this is the role for you.

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