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For Years Imam Hussein Media Group during Muharram and Safar has shown the accounts from Karbala and thereafter, but not just to tell a story narrated year after year, this single event represents a powerful interpretation that Imam Hussein TV provides for those who want to find comfort and solace in times when humanity is in crisis and when individuals and communities are faced with injustice anywhere on the face of the earth.In Honour of the 72 noble companions this year Imam Hussein Media Group is looking to raise £72,000 per Channel.

All Donors will be entered into a raffle and have a chance to win a Flight + Hotel package to Karbala or Mashhad!. (Terms and conditions apply). All donation above £500 will receive an exclusive flag from the Holy city of Karbala.

To DONATE all you need to do is WhatsApp or call us on:
Mobile: +44 (0) 7939 917 163
Free Landlanie: +44 800 270 0199

Donation Methods:

A) Donate via website: (Recommended)

B) Donate via PayPal:

C) Donate via Bank:
Back Account: Imam Al-Hussein Media Group LTD

IBAN Number:
GB65 MYMB 2305 8033 6774 56

Swift code:

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Like, follow and subscribe to Imam Hussein TV’s official YouTube channel here: https://bit.ly/2vfClRT

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Support Imam Hussein TV: http://www.imamhussein3.tv/donate

Watch IMAM HUSSEIN TV using the following methods:
Website: https://imamhussein3.tv/
Android & iOS App: http://onelink.to/ihtv
YouTube: https://bit.ly/2vfClRT
Also available on most IPTV boxes
Recommended: Apple TV, RoKu Player & Amazon Fire stick

Morning Baraka: https://bit.ly/2OvrN9Z
Imam Hussein TV 1 (Persian) : https://bit.ly/2zcmtCv
Imam Hussein TV 2 (Arabic) : https://bit.ly/2TwiXvk
Imam Hussein TV 3 (English) : https://bit.ly/2vfClRT
Imam Hussein TV 4 (Urdu) : https://bit.ly/2DvXrRH
AlZahra (Turkish): https://bit.ly/2ORtYnl

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