Imam Hussein TV 3 broadcasts from the Holy city of Karbala throughout the year, broadcasting thousands of hours all year round, We are giving our dear viewers the opportunity to sponsor these live shows from the Holy city of Karbala, Today! You can be the window to the Holy city of Karbala for millions of viewers across the globe!. You can sponsor one of the following shows below,

Imam Hussein Tv

Your Gateway To Karbala

Live Zeyarat e Ashura

‘There is no day like your day oh Aba Abudilla’ (Imam Sadiq (a.s)). Every day the memory of Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him)) lives in us and we yearn and pray for his justice. Sending your Salams to Imam Hussein is highly recommended and the recitation of Ziyara Ashura is one of the most powerful duas to recite. Sponsor this epic salutation to the master of martyrs on behalf of your marhoom and help them for a better after life.  

Welcome To Karbala

Millions of people yearn to visit and view the grave of our holy imam, Imam Hussein. Many cannot visit because of numerous issues such as time, financial issues and even because of danger.  Imam Hussein TV prides it self as being one of the channels close to the holy shrines. Broadcasting from a few meters away from the shrines of Imam Hussein (a.s) and Abu Fadhil (a.s) . We are blessed to bring millions of viewers the sight of the shining golden domes and give our viewers the exclusive opportunity to perform and send their salutations to the blessed martyrs of Karbala. Why not sponsor a show to in the name of your loved ones to increase their peace and well being in the here after.  

The Call To Prayer

The adhaan is the most iconic and recognised call to prayer
in the world. Where ever you are and where ever you are, when you hear it you know exactly what it is and if it was your first time you are enchanted by these Devine and glorious words. Sponsor the Adhan from the holy cities of
Najaf and Karbala for you departed loved ones or why not send the rewards to Ameer Al Momineen himself as a gift. 

The Arbaeen Pilgrimage

In the last few years the Arbaeen walk has gained popularity and momentum. Estimate records say there are between 20-30 million pilgrims in Iraq within the 2 week period to pay the respects to Imam Hussein. Many have never experienced the walk or cannot participate every year. Imam Hussein TV is the leading broadcasting channel that gives 24 hours coverage of the mashaya (walk way) between Najaf and Karbala. Be part of this miracle and sponsor a live show covering the walk or a live majlis during the holy nights of Arbaeen. Your marhoomeen will benefit tremendously from your good acts and inshalla Imam Hussein will invite you to join him next arbaeen.  

Muharram and Saffar

Muharram is the biggest and most important event of the islamic calendar. Here at Imam Hussein TV we do our up most best to bring you live lectures from all over the world as well as specific programs aimed to revive the story of Abu Abdalla Hussein.

Take part in the commemorations and events by sponsoring a program or lecture during these holy nights and honouring the one who died thirsty.

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