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Imam Hussein TV provides hope for the future generation by spreading the message of Karbala. We rely on the generous donation of its viewers to help achieve our goal”

In Honour of the 72 noble companions this year Imam Hussein Media Group is looking to raise £72,000 per Channel.

Imam Hussein Media Group During Muharram And Safar​

For Years Imam Hussein Media Group during Muharram and Safar has shown the accounts from Karbala and thereafter, but not just to tell a story narrated year after year, this single event represents a powerful interpretation that Imam Hussein TV provides for those who want to find comfort and solace in times when humanity is in crisis and when individuals and communities are faced with injustice anywhere on the face of the earth. Every year we broadcast the tragedy of Karbala through Lectures, Lamentations poems and shows that deliver the message and lessons of Imam Hussein (as). Imam Hussein Media Group accommodate for all in these Holy Months with shows that inspire and teach the younger generation as well as providing live majlis for all to benefit from”

£36,000 to go 50%

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Imam Hussein Media Group

In Honour of the 72 noble companions this year Imam Hussein Media Group is looking to raise £72,000 per Channel. This is a combined effort between all 5 channels to raise a total of £360,000.  This is to ease and to help finance the broadcasting of its five channels during Muharram and Arbaeen season. Your donation will go towards broadcasting services as well as filming equipment and logistics to bring the message of Imam Al Hussein (as) to every household in 5 different languages.



• Live broadcasting fees from our Studios to the satellites

• Costs for our Internet Service provider to keep our online presence on all social media and digital box media platforms

• Wages for our 200+ Staff members in our LONDON/KARBALA offices

• Guest Expenses such as transport and accommodation 

"No one could have seen my father's smile when the month of Muharram came. Sadness was increasing in his face day by day till the tenth of Muharram (Ashura) and when the tenth day of Muharram would dawn, it would be a day of grief and weeping for him”

Imam Ritha (as) Al-Amali , Al shayukh Al Saduq

"On the 10th of Muharram 61AH, Imam Hussein (as) sacrificed everything for the sake of Islam."

“ Today you can help spread the Majalis of Imam Hussein (as) to every corner of the globe as well as the teachings and qualities we can take from Sayed Al Shuhada (as). “

The Terms and conditions

Donors will be entered into a raffle and have a chance to win a Flight + Hotel package to Karbala or Mashhad!. (Terms and conditions apply)

A ‘One Payment’ donation must be a minimum £110

A ‘Monthly’ Subscription must be minimum of £30 a month

Deadline 10th October



To DONATE all you need to do is fill out the form below :

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Mobile: +44 (0)  7939 917 163

Landline: +44 (0)  203 515 0199

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