Imam Hussein TV3 brings to you a live discussion on what is means to be Husseini. How do you identify being a Husseini? What makes you a Husseini? The aim and objective of the discussion is to realise the potential of having a television channel and how it can impact the masses and bring the message of Imam Hussein to Million.

We are also giving a chance to all our viewers to have their name written on the sacred flag of Imam Hussein. The flag will be later taken to the karbala and rubbed on the shrine of Imam Hussein (A.S) and Abbas ibn Ali (A.S). Dont miss out on helping our channel and having your name written on the channel.


One comment on “#IAmHusseini

  1. Aniqa Hassan says:

    I identify as Husseini because I distributed water to everyone in the Al Kohei foundation every year. This is my duty to serve imam Hussien and remember their thirst in Karbala by distributing water to children, mothers, and the elderly. It makes me Husseini because I want to give my first paycheck to imam Hussien. In addition, I had never received a job but imam Hussien gave me my first job.

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