Where does the funding for Imam Hussein Media Group activities come from?

Imam Hussein Media Group has invariably focused its
efforts on a single commitment:

“Promoting the ideological & practical culture of the
Shia community using the media platform”

In keeping with this mission, the entity is not willing to
venture into domains which might deflect its attention
from and possibly compromise the fulfillment of its
responsibility. In this spirit, commercial activities or
business investments do not present the right options to
the Group in terms of raising the necessary funds.
As a consequence, Imam Hussein Media Group relies
largely on the monthly donations made by certain
charitable viewers and benefactors from around the
world in order to finance its cultural/religious activities.
Needless to say, financial contributions of the general
Shia population in different countries form an
appreciable deal of aid, along with grant of
endowments, payment of Islamic taxes and fulfillment of
vowed donations.

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