SDF forces liberate 7 Ezidi, 4 Iraqi Shia children from ISIS

As the military offensive against the so-called Islamic State continues in Syria’s Baghouz, another batch of children have been rescued from the grips of the extremist group, including seven Yezidis (Ezidis) and four Iraqi Shias.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Mustafa Bali, the head of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) media center, called on people to help facilitate the return of the four Iraqi Shia children to their families.

“These four children from the Shia community of Tal Afar were abducted by the terrorist ISIS group years ago, they were freed by our troops today during the evacuation of civilians,” Bali tweeted in Arabic.

Elsewhere, Kurdish Affairs analyst Mutlu Civiroglu, who is currently in Deir al-Zor, saidthe SDF freed an additional seven Ezidi children who are originally from Sinjar (Shingal).

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