Badakhshan’s Kohistan district fully cleared of Taliban

Badakhshan’s Kohistan district fully cleared of Taliban

Badakhshan officials said Friday that Kohistan district of Badakhshan province, Afghanistan has been completely cleared of Taliban terrorists.

Saturday, 02 June 2018 20:12

Badakhshan police chief Saber Arian said that during the past six days Afghan forces cleared the area of Taliban terrorists.

Arian said the Taliban sustained heavy casualties but the group has not yet responded to the claims.

Kohistan district is located in the far west of Badakhshan province.

In addition, a commander of the local uprising forces, Nazir Mohammad Neyazi, said that nearly a hundred local uprisers participated in the clearing operation without any reward.

Meanwhile a number of civil society activists in Badakhshan said they are pleased with the government’s clean up of the district, but they insist the area will not remain safe unless government establishes check posts.

Kohistanat district fell to the Taliban about one month ago, while the group have controlled Badakhshan’s Wardoj and Yamgan districts for four years.

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