January 16, 2017

About Us

Imam Hussein Media Group
(Sha’abān 2009-2016)

1. What is a medium?

By definition, a medium is a means of conveying. Within the communication context, media is defined as the means of communicating information or news to the general population.
In the modern-day world, the media is considered the most significant, most influential, and most powerful tool of communication, which plays a key role in creating and promoting culture on a global scale as well as in shaping the beliefs and behaviors of communities across the world.
Accordingly, the economic, political, cultural and religious powers of the world have set out to profit mainly from the modern media – and in particular from satellite and terrestrial TV channels as the most rewarding, wide-reaching technology – in pursuit of achieving their goals.

2. Why is it a necessity to establish modern Shia media?

The transition from a traditional community to a modern society is primarily driven by the development of modern media; their nature and extent of growth. About 130 years ago, when the renowned “verdict for a ban on tobacco” was being disseminated, promotion of Shia doctrine was conducted through ‘Newspaper’ under the management of Mirza Muhammad Hasan Shirāzī, essentially making their presence in the World of Media.
Following the same pattern, Shia scholars and intellectuals today stress the importance of utilizing various media – and particularly the use of satellite and terrestrial TV channels as the most rewarding, wide-reaching communication technology – in dissemination of Islamic values and encouraging the permanent application of such media for the interests of the Muslim community.
Among the elite pioneers, Ayatullah Sayyid Sādiq Husseiny Shirāzī (may Allah prolong his life), one of the most illustrious Shia Jurist Authorities, has emphasized the imperativeness of establishing numerous satellite and terrestrial TV Channels, invariably stimulating the young Shia to combine resources for promotion of the Divine Faith by creating at least 1000 media channels dedicated to spread the Islamic theology and Shia doctrine. His eminence has made great effort to direct the Islamic community to battle the current toxic cultural trends propagated by depraved, immoral and sacrilegious satellite channels.
Along this line, his eminence underscored the establishment of a satellite channel named after Imam Hussein (blessings of Allah upon Him) during his statement on Ashurā, 2009, saying:
“The entire faithful are duly expected to contribute, to the measure of their scientific and/or financial capacity, toward the establishment of a satellite channel named after the Master of Martyrs, Hussein (blessings of Allah be upon Him), and aimed at spreading the name of His Holiness across the globe and promoting the rituals & rites associated with Him.”

3. How did Imam Hussein Media Group emerge and develop?

Imam Hussein Media Group is basically a virtual university which was founded by a circle of adherents and followers of Ayatullah Shirāzī on the third of Sha’abān, 2009. This Media Group launched its global operation – crossing over the geographical, political and cultural borders as one of the largest non-affiliate and people-funded Shia media – with the aim to revitalize the teachings of Ahlul-Bayt (blessings of Allah be upon Them) and to lead the public opinion towards the noble, righteous and truthful culture of the twelver Shia, which is solely fed by Qur’an and Ahlul-Bayt.
The Media Group provides – on a 24-hour basis and in four languages: Persian, Arabic, English and Turkish – a rich content of knowledge and divine teachings sourced from the Holy Qur’an and the Progeny of the Revered Prophet (blessings of Allah be upon Them), which is broadcast via satellite & digital TV channels as well as the internet (webcast) and is conveniently accessible to hundreds of millions of people from all countries across the globe in three forms: audio, video and text.

4. What are the main objectives of Imam Hussein Media Group?

• Protecting the faith of millions of young Shias from around the world
• Assisting Muslim parents to help them raise decent children and virtuous young Shias
• Screening the minds of young Shias against the devastating effects of the depraved, immoral and profane content of the mass media, and particularly of such satellite channels
• Delivering the message of Islam to billions of non-Muslims who have never had access to the enriching treasures of the Qur’an and Ahlul-Bayt
• Defending the honor & essence of Shi’ism and providing media support for the wronged Shias across the globe
• Conveying knowledge about the Holy Qur’an, the traditions of the Prophet, and the manners of Ahlul-Bayt to the public, thereby deepening their faith in the pristine Islam, with the primary focus being on the innocence of Imam Hussein (blessings of Allah upon Him) as well as on the anticipation of the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (may Allah hasten His Coming)
• Encouraging and paving the way for the Shia community to establish thousands of global TV channels with the aim of revitalizing the teachings of Ahlul-Bayt (blessings of Allah upon Them)
• Preserving and extending unity among the Shia communities from around the world

5. What are the advantages of Imam Hussein Media Group?

 Wide coverage and easy access for all
 Programs in four languages: Persian, Arabic, English and Turkish
 Constant contact with the audience worldwide via 12 different physical/virtual communication tools
 Provision and mail delivery of all programs aired on the channels, along with a range of other cultural products, to viewers across the globe
 Seminary courses broadcast on satellite television, offered in collaboration with Imam Sādiq TV
 A wide diversity of engaging programs for various age groups and for families
 Dissemination of the latest news concerning Shias from around the world on six satellite/cable channels, presented in a variety of languages
 Instructions, support, and consultation services available for free, to be accessed in the most convenient and quickest ways, for individuals with an intent to establish and launch satellite TV channels
 Free-of-charge sharing of TV programs for a period of one year, offered to newly-founded independent satellite channels
 Cooperation and exchange of programs with independent Shia TV channels
 Free-of-charge advertising for charity/cultural projects run by Shias
 Media coverage and free-of-charge broadcast of mourning/celebrating events organized by Shias from around the world
 Live broadcast of events held in Shia mosques and Husseiniyas across the globe, particularly from North America, Europe and Australia
 Provision of the Media Group’s products at international exhibition booths
 Live media coverage of the largest human congregation on the planet during the Husseiny Arba’een and free-of-charge sharing of the event’s pictures and videos with all channels, especially with news agency from around the world
 Monthly raffles to draw a selection of the viewers of Imam Hussein TV channels, with prizes including coverage of travel expenses to the holy cities of Karbalā or Mashhad
 Live broadcast of the spiritual atmosphere of the holy Shrines at Karbalā, Najaf, Kādhimayn and Sāmarrā on a daily basis

6. What services does Imam Hussein Media Group have to offer?

This Media Group is a multi-media entity owning four TV channels plus a news agency, broadcasting its programs in various languages to reach the audience via satellite, internet, IP TV, and smart phones.

Imam Hussein TV1 (aired in Persian):

The Persian Imam Hussein TV, bearing the slogan “A Husseiniya to Transcend Galaxies”, is a satellite TV operating as a subsidiary of Imam Hussein Media Group. It was founded on the birthday anniversary of Imam Hussein (blessings of Allah upon Him) on the 3rd of Sha’abān (July 26th, 2009) in Iran. This satellite channel broadcasts programs in relation with the tenets, doctrine, and culture of the twelver Shia, all aired in Persian. According to statistical figures, this TV channel has generated, from birth until 2016, about 9,968 hours of program, produced in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, England, Canada and the US, and broadcast on Hotbird & Galaxy to cover the Middle East, Europe, part of Northern Africa, the US, Canada, Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Imam Hussein TV2 (aired in Arabic):

The Arabic Imam Hussein TV Channel bears the slogan “The Shining Light of Husseiniya to Illuminate Horizons.” It was founded on the 3rd of Sha’abān (June 22nd, 2012) in Karbalā, Iraq, three years after Imam Hussein Media Group had launched its operation. According to statistical figures, this TV channel has also generated, from launch until 2016, about 6,877 hours of program in Arabic, produced in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, England, Canada and the US, and broadcast on NileSat & Galaxy to cover the Middle East, the greater part of Europe, the entire Northern African countries, North America, Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Imam Hussein TV3 (aired in English):

The English Imam Hussein TV Channel, bearing the slogan “The Channel dedicated to the Young Shia”, was established on the 3rd of Sha’abān (June 11th, 2013) in the holy city of Karbalā, Iraq, four years after Imam Hussein Media Group had started operation. According to statistical figures, this TV channel has as well generated, from its launch until 2016, about 1,497 hours of program in English (or with English subtitle), produced in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, England, Canada and the US, and broadcast on Hotbird & Galaxy to cover the Middle East, Europe, part of Northern Africa, the US, Canada, Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Al-Zahra TV (aired in Turkish):

After ten years of operation, Al-Zahra TV was integrated into Imam Hussein Media Group on the 9th of Rabi’ al-Thāni (January 19th, 2016). It started operation under new management with programs in Turkish & Azeri. The channel’s head office is located in Baku, Azerbaijan. It previously broadcast programs in Arabic, Persian, Azeri and Russian on Hotbird & Turksat.

News from the Shia world (SHIA WAVES):

The News division of Imam Hussein Media Group was founded on the 15th of Sha’abān (July 4th, 2012) with the mission to disseminate, in an unbiased manner, the latest news concerning the success stories realized as well as the wrongs suffered by Shias around the world. This agency broadcasts in three languages: Arabic, Persian & English, and on six satellite/cable channels to reach the audience worldwide.
Until the 15th of Sha’abān, 2016 (May 22nd), Shia Waves news agency published more than 12,700 news stories, with subjects ranging from “the world of Islam, Shia Jurist Authorities, sacred sights & holy shrines” to “science & technology, Shia media, and art & Culture”.
Besides satellite broadcast, the news content can be accessed on the website of this news agency, as well as on smart phones and other virtual media.

The Internet:

The Group’s various social media networks can be accessed online through official websites. In addition, dozens of dedicated channels are providing millions of members across the world with information and news in the form of audio/visual/text content on a 24-hour basis through YouTube 1, Facebook 2, Google+ 3, Twitter 4, SoundCloud 5, Instagram 6, and Telegram 7.

Mobile Application:

ImamHusseinTV App is a customized smart phone application, which can be easily downloaded free of charge from ‘Google Play Store’ or ‘App Store’ and can be installed on your device of choice. It runs perfectly on smart phones and tablets as well as on some other devices such as smart televisions with Android operating system.
The users can conveniently access the virtual content provided by Imam Hussein Media Group on social networks. Every day, they will also be able to view Imam Hussein TV channels live, watch a number of other independent Shia satellite channels, and stay up-to-date on the latest news from the Shia world (Shia Waves).


IPTV is a modern telecommunication system which relies on internet protocols, rather than satellite communication, to receive television services. Users will only require internet access, through Wi-Fi, LAN, etc., to watch & record their favorite TV programs on their home televisions or personal computers.
The programs broadcast by Imam Hussein Media Group TVs are now available on several IPTV service providers, most importantly including:
 Roku 4
 Meet Roku 4
 Apple TV
 Persiska TV: kanaler utan parabol
 Arab TV Net: IPTV Set Top Box
 Iran TV:IPTV Set Top Box
 Hadi Box
 Arabic IP TV

7. Where does the funding for Imam Hussein Media Group activities come from?

Imam Hussein Media Group has invariably focused its efforts on a single commitment:
“Promoting the ideological & practical culture of the Shia community using the media platform”
In keeping with this mission, the entity is not willing to venture into domains which might deflect its attention from and possibly compromise the fulfillment of its responsibility. In this spirit, commercial activities or business investments do not present the right options to the Group in terms of raising the necessary funds.
As a consequence, Imam Hussein Media Group relies largely on the monthly donations made by certain charitable viewers and benefactors from around the world in order to finance its cultural/religious activities. Needless to say, financial contributions of the general Shia population in different countries form an appreciable deal of aid, along with grant of endowments, payment of Islamic taxes and fulfillment of vowed donations.

8. How can one contribute towards the expansion of this Media Group’s activities?

You can choose one of the following ways to assist Imam Hussein Media Group, ensuring its sustainable operation and expansion of activities on a global scale:

A) Ambassadors & Representatives:

Imam Hussein Media Group has ambassadors & representatives in various cities within Iraq, Denmark, Norway, Germany, the US, Canada, Sweden, England and Australia. Our esteemed viewers and patrons can contact these individuals to see how they can best assist this Media Group in delivering better services.

 the US – Mustafa Akhavān: 0015713366599
 Ottawa, Canada – Shākir Sāfi: 0016138679393
 Canada – Hussein Ramithi: 0015195673732
 Adelaide, Australia – Hussein Hā’eri: 0061433199858
 Melbourne, Australia – Abu Amin: 0061415854712
 England – Sayyid Ali Nawwāb: 00447916610806
 Skien, Norway – Mahdi Ahwāzi: 004740051214
 Norway – Ali Zamāni: 004792512716
 Finland – Hādi Sarrāf: 00358407254241
 Denmark – Yāsir Asadi: 004541111116
 Germany – Sa’eed A’Shuri: 00491632183685
 Germany – Mahmud Qal’e No’ee: 004917641983317
 Turkey – Sayyid Najāt: 00905377361676
 Karbalā, Iraq – Riyādh Abbas Mahmud: 009647730180006
 Basra, Iraq – Hamdi Jawād Kādhim:00964770054533
 Baghdad, Iraq – Ayād Ebrāhim Jāsim: 009647707304111
 Najaf, Iraq – Ahmad Jawād Abde-Kādhim Rowzat al-Shemri: 009647730180007
 Nasiriyah, Iraq – Sabri Jo’ein A’wād al-Sa’di: 009647810177020
 Amarah, Iraq – Muhammad Hussein Ali al-Jayzāni: 009647730508881

B) Foreign exchange dealers:

You can transfer your cash donations through foreign exchange dealers & money transfer companies to Karbalā under the name: “Imam Hussein Satellite Channel”. To inform us about the transaction, we appreciate if you kindly contact the Public Relations of the Media Group at: +9647702920910

C) Texting an SMS:

You can text a short message containing: “Labbaik Ya Hussein” via WhatsApp or SMS to the following numbers:
From around the world: +9647702920910
From Iran: 00000000000000

D) PayPal:

You can make your payment through the global PayPal system by going to any of the Channels’ websites or using the Mobile Application of Imam Hussein Media Group. To inform us about your charitable payment, we appreciate if you kindly send the transaction serial number to the Public Relations of the Media Group.
PayPal link:

Contacting the Channel:
Tel, SMS, WhatsApp & Telegram: +9647702920910
Email: [email protected]